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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

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When I first heard ‘immersive learning experience’ I put it in the same category as ‘awesome’. Words best spoken with an American twang and overused to the point of being meaningless. However the words are millennial friendly as indeed is simulation. Today’s younger workforce have grown up with the Wii, PlayStation, and Xbox.

DevOps Simulation

It’s fair to say then that when I immersed myself  for the first time I was sceptical. At the end of the day long DevOps Simulation I have to say it’s awesome…. no truly awesome.

Today Daysha DevOps uses conventional training techniques to help people acquire new concepts and we are pretty good at it. But consistently over the last 4 years we heard from our customers … how do we get started? The pilot we replied.

Invariably however, when older companies want to do things differently, even in a pilot, they have to contend with their own culture, organisation structure and behaviours. Pulling together cross functional teams is a battle of wits and wills and a hard one to win because DevOps champions elect feel they have to persuade colleagues to take a leap of faith. This tends not to be a good option where organisations reward no change ahead of any change.

We often reflect internally that the best way to persuade people to do something is to get them to sell it to themselves.

Putting these two problem statements together is what DevOps simulation addresses.

I was really impressed with how real the experience felt. There are 3 rounds of  simulation, each consisting of 25 minutes covering Requirements, Development, Test, Release,Deploy and Operate. We worked with circa 20 people assigned to different silos in the first round of simulation and our objective is to run a retail business that has online and real world stores and a dependence on an inhouse IT function.

Each of the subsequent simulations moves further away from waterfall and closer to DevOps but the genius is that you are not told how to improve between iterations, you figure it out for yourself by collaborating with colleagues to adjust process.

Simulation affords people the opportunity to learn through exploration and collaboration and people learn more profoundly if its ‘invented here’.

Even though I have long years of experience and knew what was coming I was still sucked into the emotional weariness of the first simulation. I was frustrated, silo’ed, misunderstood and after 25 minutes knew there had to be a better way. The retrospective helped us all to air our grievances and explore ways to improve.

Daysha DevOps has signed up with the good folks at G2G3 to bring this offer to our clients. It will augment our conventional offers. We will be running a free day on October 18th in London and will have between 20 and 25 places up for grabs on a first come first served basis. No more than 2 people per company.

This is your opportunity to ‘be immersed’ and if you think it’s ‘awesome’ we can work to bring it in-house for your organisation. Inhouse is the only place it makes sense, and where we can bring together a team that needs to co-operate cross functionally for the first time.

We recently delivered a DevOps Foundation to an IT Leadership team at a foreign asset management company. They observed that just having time out to discuss new ways of working was the single biggest benefit of the course. Simulation condenses this benefit by doing rather than talking about doing.

We guarantee you four things: 1) You will enjoy it 2) You will learn by doing DevOps 3) You will be tired 4) You will be energised

Larger organisations spend time and money trying to persuade people to come on a journey with them. Stop persuading… and get your people to pull new ways of working into your company.


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