Four Key Advantages of Outsourcing IT Project Management

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

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IT Project management is a highly desired skill for any business. Retaining such a professional on a full time basis is not always practical. Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense in Outsourcing IT Project Management.

Training Time and Resources are Scarce

64% of IT sector businesses consider IT Project Management to be their most desired skill, according to research by training company Parity.

Similar research also suggests that as many as two thirds of businesses do not have the time to train their own staff. This highlights the importance of outsourcing IT projects to expert project managers.

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The importance of outsourcing is further highlighted by a Standish Group Chaos Report that shows more than 60% of all company projects fail to hit targets regarding quality, cost and time.

Because of these findings Standish group recommend bringing in qualified project managers to oversee projects.

A Different Set of Eyes

An external Project manager can view a project objectively. They will also have a broader understanding of how projects run in general rather than relating to one specific business. They will have seen the mistakes made by other companies and how they can be avoided in your IT project.

A Project Manager will carefully plan out your project through a series of rigorously constructed stages. From initiation and planning through to execution, control and finally closeout every aspect of a project is thoroughly considered. One important element of this overview is the ability to delegate more effectively.

Delegation, Prioritisation and Communication

Because an outsourced Project Manager is not within the normal chain of operations they can often more effectively delegate tasks to different groups and individuals, recognising strengths that have been overlooked by the company internally.

Prioritising how resources are allocated to specific tasks is another critical capability of Project Managers. Understanding the various capabilities of teams and team members means the Project Manager does not overburden one group while leaving another underutilised.

To bring these groups together and ensure they are working effectively the Project manager must be able to facilitate clear communication between teams, individuals and stakeholders. Again, the objectivity of an outsourced Project Manager is a distinct advantage in carrying out this task.

Bringing In Expertise and Keeping It

While many companies may not have the resources to train up or hire their own IT Project Manager that does not mean they cannot gain from the experience of an outsourced IT PM. A Project manager will not only bring their own individual skills and capabilities but also their own unique experiences of many different organisations in many different sectors.

This diverse range of experiences means that solutions found in seemingly different types of organisation could be applied to your business in an innovative way. It is also a great opportunity for your staff to learn from someone familiar with many different types of business and ways those businesses have found of dealing with different problems.

Streamlined Projects with More Successful Outcomes

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