Agile development offers the best approach to project management

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Agile development is the best method for approaching IT project management. It involves taking each stage of the IT project step by step, assessing the achievements and challenges of each stage of the project and making a careful consideration of how best to move the project forward.

Agile software development takes an iterative and incremental approach to project development, evolving the project and its various components through collaboration between departments and adapting project solutions as needed.

This agile and adaptable technique towards project development is highly beneficial as it encourages a rapid and flexible response mechanism towards IT project challenges as they arise. It promotes team work and communication and brings an open and welcoming approach to new ideas and solutions as the project progesses.

How is agile IT project development implemented?

The IT project tasks are broken down into small increments, usually of between one to four weeks per project stage. Each stage has a minimal amount of planning, enough to foresee the project goals for that stage of the project cycle. These short time frames are known as iterations or time-boxes. During an iteration a cross-functional team works on all tasks within that time frame including:

  • planning and organisation
  • analysis of project requirements
  • design and coding of IT systems
  • implementation of IT processes
  • unit testing and acceptance testing

The principles of agile IT development value the needs and inputs of individuals and the project team over system processes and tools, working and usable software over documentation, collaboration and end-user involvement over single project leadership, and a flexible approach to change and development over sticking to a rigid plan.

Daysha Consulting provide project management to Irish businesses looking to install new IT systems and communications technologies. They offer agile project management solutions for companies of all sizes. Daysha have assisted many organisations throughout Ireland and Europe and have worked with global companies like the European Space Agency, IBM, HP and Bank of Ireland.

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