Agile project managers

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Agile project managers take a more flexible and fluid approach to overseeing an IT project and may be the perfect solution to the management of your next IT project.

An agile project manager oversees the IT software development personnel. They also interact closely with the project stakeholders (i.e. the business owners and the end users of the new software product being installed). As a joint collective – with the agile project manager at its helm – the team develops the required IT systems, working on the project in small, incremental stages.

The agile PM works closely with their team and with their clients in a step-by-step way, taking a flexible approach to project development. There is not a great deal of forward planning or strategic development, with many weeks or even months spent ironing out the finer details of the project’s expected timetable, the solutions that will be implemented and specifying exactly how all this will be achieved. Instead, the approach is much more fluid, with the IT PM assessing each stage of the project in small stages and making adjustments where and when they are needed.

The agile PM oversees and works closely with the IT team on each stage of the project. Each increment is treated like a mini IT project with the team trialing and testing technologies as they go and troubleshooting problems as they arise until that project stage is perfected. Project increments usually last between one to four weeks. Once each stage of the project has been completed the PM can guide their team onto the next stage of the project.

Agile project management favours self-organisation and collaboration over master planning and micromanagement. It offers an ideal project management solution for those projects that require a collaborative and experiential approach.

Agile PMs need to be able to balance this freestyle, flexible model of working with an over arching sense of the bigger picture. Despite the project developing in increments it is up to the PM to ensure that the project parts complete the whole.

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