Agile scrum services in Ireland

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Agile scrum services for IT project management are used where a flexible and adaptable approach to software development is essential. An agile scrum in IT projects involves a team-based collaborative method of working, where team interactions are favored over a over top-down project management approach.

This way of working is highly advantageous to Irish businesses that prefer a play-by-play project development method.

The technique favors a team-based approach and self-organisation over micromanagement. The team works together on the project in incremental stages, tackling project tasks one by one and adapting as they go according to the needs of the project. The team can evaluate project progress as they go along and incorporate changes as needed.

Project stages are usually broken up into increments of between one to four weeks. Each stage requires a minimal amount of planning – just enough to plan project goals for that increment. A cross-functional team works on all project tasks outlined during that project increment including:

  • Planning and organisation of goals and objectives for that increment
  • Analysis of project requirements and what tools and technologies will be used to achieve that project stage’s objectives
  • Design and coding of IT systems to fulfill the requirements set out for the project stage
  • Implementation of IT processes and extensive testing and adapting of the technologies until objectives are met
  • Evaluation of the new technology at the end of the project stage which involves face-to-face meetings with the client to ensure the new software meets their needs.

The process then begins again as the next increment begins and new ideas, designs and functionalities are incorporated into the project.

The agile project management technique using scrum promotes a holistic and highly flexible approach to IT software development for Irish businesses. This way of working puts the client in the driving seat, allowing them to be closely involved in the project from start to finish.

Daysha Consulting is an Irish IT project management service provider specialising in agile scrum project development.

For more information on Daysha Consulting’s agile scrum and other IT project management services email or call +353 (01) 537 8476.


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