Atlassian Cloud Migration

Daysha DevOps are an authorised Atlassian Gold Partner with a proven ability to migrate your server based applications to their SaaS equivalent editions. Atlassian has decided that standalone server products are not available after Feb 2021. This could be the moment to take advantage of new cloud functionality. We can help you to build a plan that will protect your existing investment in Atlassian tools.
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Atlassian Cloud Migration Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to audit the client’s existing Atlassian toolset, including add-ons, integrations, and user management, to determine the best options for migrating to Cloud equivalent editions. This assessment will also identify the risks associated with the migration as well as a cost benefit analysis of the viable options.

Financial Implications

Compare existing server renewal user band with it’s Cloud equivalent. During the course of our engagement we will evaluate the three cloud options Atlassian offers to determine which of their Standard, Premium or Enterprise editions is most appropriate. We will determine the cost savings to be realised through not having to own your own infrastructure and evaluate the extent to which less systems administration is required to support your Atlassian installed products. We will also identify new features on Atlassian’s roadmaps that can add further value through providing your teams with new capabilities.

Technical Implications

Our certified Atlassian team will look at your customisations, add-ons, user profiles and license usage, identify any ‘gotcha’s’ and plan workarounds to deliver a blueprint migration plan with a delivery schedule and milestones. Every Atlassian instance is unique and likely requires a customised approach to cloud migration. The extent to which your tools have been customised, added to from the marketplace or integrated with test, release and code repositories means that everything you currently do will not migrate 1:1 to the cloud.


All stakeholders will be engaged in workshop style data collection and creation of the plan to deliver timelines and itemise the tasks required to migrate. This process is initiated through a detailed migration questionnaire which drives decision making.


Our Assessment package delivers a 3 day exercise culminating in a stakeholder report with recommendations and outline implementation plans to include 3 and 5 year financial projections. This is delivered as a fixed price services engagement for €3,750 or £3,350 or $4,500. All prices are ex VAT.

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