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Daysha DevOps are an authorised Atlassian Gold Partner with a singular focus on DevOps in the UK and Irish market. We provide solution, license and training expertise across the Atlassian suite of products.
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Daysha DevOps Tools Strategy

Daysha’s tools strategy is based on the DevOps Foundational model as defined by the DevOps Institute CALMS.

Culture – agile tools vendors release features regularly and their products support flatter organisational structures that bring IT closer to the business. Jira is a good example.
Automation – many tools can automate tasks but the better ones will identify opportunities to automate. XebiaLabs is a good example.
Lean – tools are not bloated with useless features but do a small number of things well.
Measure – tools measure as you do. If you have to stop and measure you’re losing productivity.

Share – tools have open APIs, webhooks and marketplaces. The DevOps benefit is that as data is shared all team members are aligned on the current status of work in progress.

Partner Selection

Our partners share common characteristics of ‘download, try and buy’. The objectives with any new tools you are evaluating are:

To see the value in days
To be easy to learn and use
To start simple and expand tool usage as required
To keep workflows and automations clean and easy for others to amend
To avoid automating poor process – apply lean techniques before automation
To automate where a task is repeated 3 or more times per day and takes 2 or 3 minutes to perform.

To integrate existing tools where possible or replace them if not

Tools Evaluations

Our Atlassian Fastrack solution brings your team on a journey from current processes and tools to well implemented Jira-centric alternatives. Whether you have already downloaded and evaluated the tools or not, it is likely that you will run into the Jira Dilemma!

Jira Dilemma

Jira has been designed for engineers, by engineers, which leads to:

Several possible ways to implement a particular workflow
Early configuration decisions which have far reaching consequences

Identifying the optimal configuration is the Jira Dilemma.

Our Atlassian Certified experts apply their long years of experience to fully utilise the power of Jira, as well as recommending suitable Atlassian marketplace add-ons.


The Jira Dilemma can manifest itself at any point during your implementation and our Atlassian Fastrack is designed to set you on the right path, no matter your starting point. We work frequently with clients who encounter the Jira Dilemma after they have gone live. It is important to remember that agile teams need to be delivering features for your customers rather than learning how to be Jira experts.

Our Fastrack is designed to help you strike the right balance between knowing when to call us, and transferring just the right amount of learning to your admins.

Post Pilot Scaling

After the initial pilot it is time to consider the implementation of DevOps tools at scale.

Our Pipeline Automation provides a blueprint for the future, taking standard pipeline tools such as Jira, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet Hashicorp but always ensuring our clients incumbent tooling can fit into a CALMS architetcture.

Platform Choices

Today, many of our clients will start with a SaaS instance of Jira or Confluence. Server editions of the Atlassian products are approaching end of life. Some Jira customisations or add-ons are available only in a server edition. If you are planning to migrate from server to cloud, contact us as we have expertise in this area.

Data Centre editions are aimed at the Enterprise, typically in excess of 2,000 users, and incorporate advanced features such as database mirroring and hot switching capability.

Local Atlassian Support

Daysha offers support packages that can used on an hourly basis. Atlassian Tools are designed to empower teams to reach their potential. They do, however, require investment in administrative overhead. At Daysha DevOps we realise that the biggest challenges Atlassian JIRA customers encounter is that they often don’t have the time, the training or the resources to perform even the smallest jobs to keep systems up-to-date and optimised for their needs. These include:

Adding fields
Making changes to workflows
Tightening up security
Managing users
Product Upgrades

We offer support packages that are designed to simplify the integration of Atlassian into your Software Development Lifecycle and up skill your team. We provide a local presence on your site or at the end of the phone to supplement your team.

The packages are offered in multiples of hours and the more hours purchased the lower the cost per hour. For example 20 hours for €3,500, 50 hours for €8,000. Prices are ex VAT.We also offer customisable hourly support packages.

Health Warning: Please note that this is not a crisis service nor can the hours be used for training. We offer expertise on a T&M basis and have a range of training offers to fit our customers needs.

License Purchase and Renewals

Atlassian customers will often purchase their license directly but there is an option to purchase through Daysha and this means that as renewals approach we can help with common licensing questions and it is often the case that we can reduce your bill. Especially if you are on a monthly cloud subscription.Clients who purchase their licences through Daysha DevOps will get a free half day consultancy and this is an opportunity to do a quick health check or just spend 4 hours with one of our team to talk through those nagging technical issues.

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