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Atlassian Migration

Look Beyond Server

The future is cloud. But how do you get there quickly and with minimum pain?

Daysha’s three step solution will Audit your Atlassian usage, Assess options for Cloud or Data Center and finalise your Roadmap to migrate safely.

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Cloud strategies

Cloud Strategies

Migration is like moving house. Do you bring your old furniture or buy new? Do you move in one day or over a weekend?

1 Lift and Shift

2 Optimise and Shift

3 Phased

4 Start Fresh

Atlassian Cloud Migration Tutorial

We recorded a Webinar describing Atlassian’s end of life plan for Server, our migration solution and a customer case study. Total watch time is 45 minutes.

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Atlassian Cloud Migration Tutorial

3 Steps to Migrate


The first step is to understand your current state

+ Volume of bespoke workflows

+ Use of custom fields

+ Number of add-ons and if there is an equivalent or alternative cloud variant

+ User population and locations

+ Product versions

+ Security and compliance requirements on your data

+ Existing IT infrastructure integrations with Active Directory or similar

+ Synchronising Jira data with other Applications


The second step is to identify the future state

+ Clean house or retain existing bespoke elements

+ Features that can add value immediately

+ Review all Atlassian offers

Data Center

Cloud Standard

Cloud Premium


+ Identify risks and select the correct platform and migration strategy


The third step is map as a plan the steps to move from the current to the future state

+ Timelines

+ Sequencing

+ Plans to include test migrations

+ Go live and ongoing support

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