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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Atlassian imageThis group is being restarted in Dublin by Daysha, an Atlassian Solution Partner. It is our hope that in time this community will turn into an official AUG. Furthermore, Atlassian are looking to find a local person who can lead the Irish Atlassian User Group which would be independent of Daysha. (contact Darline Auguste, email:

The first event was a hit and has given us hope for the future of the Atlassian User Community here in Dublin. Our first speaker Brendan O’Reilly from Daysha explained the purpose of the group. For those who may have missed the event it is worth noting that Atlassian’s first European Summit event will be taking place in Barcelona from May 2nd-5th and will definitely be worth the trip if you can afford the time. Full conference tickets are available through Daysha at a 20% discount for anyone who may be interested.

It is also worth noting that our next event in Dublin will be hosted by Groupon towards the end of April. Speakers will be announced closer to the time. Click here and join our meetup group for updates.

The second speaker was Calvin Burge from Travelport Digital formerly known as Mobile Travel Technologies. Calvin described his teams experience with Jira Portfolio in a very open interactive session. The following were the important take aways in our eyes:

  1. The Travelport team deliver to demanding customers and need to be able to accurately predict what features will be in which release as this can form the basis for a contract.
  2. The team had two attempts at trying to use the product. The most recent effort was more focused as they had learned first time around that there is a significant effort in having quality data as inputs.
  3. What the tool provides is a mathematical prediction of the future and does not account for real world events so it is a useful guide but should not be treated as definitive.
  4. Only 30% of his team have taken to the product and this is a normal ‘change’ process for any new way of working that is brought in.
  5. A new ‘what if’ feature has just been introduced and the speaker was optimistic that this would provide a more interactive sandbox than is currently available.

eazybiThe third speaker was Raimonds Simanovskis from EazyBI in Latvia. He introduced his company’s product which is a useful add-on particularly to organisations that struggle with the standard report writer in Jira. The add-on is particularly useful for organisations that want to drive productivity through provision of metrical data about the SDLC.

Raimond’s presentation and demonstration was well received and a number of attendees who use the product were particularly complimentary about EazyBI’s product and support service. EazyBI will be a Gold sponsor at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona and are running a two day Community event and workshop in Riga at end May which may be of interest to anyone who would like to follow up with them.

Click here to see training courses provided by Daysha on the subject. Should you have any feedback, questions or suggestions for the group as we go forward please let us know.





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