Atlassian User Community Meetup #2

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

This blog is a brief summary of Daysha’s Atlassian Community Meetup #2.

44 people registered and 23 people attended our Meetup at Groupon’s office last night. Big thanks to Groupon’s John McCall for organising the venue and helping out on the night.

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Brendan from Daysha opened the evening with a call for someone in the audience to step up and organise the formal AUG for Ireland. This person must not be an Atlassian partner hence why Daysha cannot volunteer however we would support whoever became the Chapter President for Ireland. To anyone that might be interested in this role please contact Darline Auguste of Atlassian (

John Corkery from National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) was first to speak. He explained his journey with JIRA and Confluence over the last 12 months. This involved a realisation that spreadsheets and emails let to loss of productivity, Following a positive experience with a third party that was installing a HR application using JIRA as a tool to communicate between NTMA and the third party, John subsequently kept a trial license open in the cloud.

NTMA started out on JIRA with John’s test teams and gradually engaged others who ‘championed’ the product. They subsequently went to tender and implemented JIRA for a number of IT teams and have adapted the out of the box processes to fit with NTMA’s SDLC which is primarily waterfall and moving to agile. They subsequently added confluence, and use templates for their standard project documentation and to present dashboards from JIRA to management.

Service Clarity then spoke about what to measure in JIRA.  There are any number of possible KPI’s but the most relevant are those that match the businesses strategy and Service Clarity provide a tool that enables the creation of balanced scorecards as a means to help business and IT understand one anothers worlds.

Overall the night was a success, thanks to Base pizza for providing the grub and again to Groupon for providing a great venue. Our next event is scheduled to take place in September, follow our Meetup page to stay in the loop. Should you have any further questions about the content discussed or if you would like to speak at our next event please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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