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Bringing a beachhead mentality from Normandy to Berlin.

6 minute read

All leaders must drive innovation no matter the stage of evolution for the business. Innovation is a proactive approach to change. Some companies are good at reacting to change in their markets especially if there is a threat. But an innovative business actively looks for opportunity and threat and builds inner competitive tensions to constantly improve and grow. “If the [......]

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What if the bottleneck is lack of skilled people?

1 minute read

DevOps injects urgency into the delivery of business value through software. DevOps theory is focussed on optimising processes but what happens you have optimised the hell of out of your processes and the bottleneck is lack of people? Typical answers are; 1. Outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, nearshoring … basically using third parties to supplement or replace inhouse teams. 2. Prioritising by [......]

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SaaS Economics

5 minute read

When Commercial people start talking to Technology people, very often what happens is that they got lost in TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) that mean SFA to them. To be fair, the same often happens in reverse. In the old days, the Technology person and the Commercial person would get together over a lunch, or maybe even a beer, to translate [......]

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One Feature at a Time (1FaaT™)

2 minute read

It is widely accepted that businesses engaging customers in ongoing digital experimentation will outperform their competitors. By exploring customer needs as a series of small experiments successful organisations double down when they find customer value and cut their losses quickly if the experiment is not returning the desired results. is running circa 1,000 experiments at any one time and [......]

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Remote working learnings

2 minute read

Last Friday after work a group of customers and colleagues got together for a zoom beer. This particular group had presented six months ago at an event Daysha ran in Dublin. We discussed new behaviours we would bring into business as usual – when remote working is optional. Each person was asked to prepare 2 ideas … and here are [......]

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Customer Stories at DevOps Dublin Event 27th Nov 2019

4 minute read

In general most of our speakers addressed this topic with war stories all of which illustrated that most organisations need to get out of their own way if they are to be agile. Overcoming individual and collective scepticism about what Agility and DevOps actually are were called out as initial blockers. Misalignment with supporting business functions, such as finance or [......]

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