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Chapter 7 Summary: Work Smarter

6 minute read

When an organization seeks to improve its operational performance, internal processes often act as impediments, causing delays and hindering decision-making. The transition from conceptualizing an idea to implementing smarter practices can be delayed if the appetite for change has been discouraged through in house cultures and ‘thats not how we do things around here’ mentality. Business professionals frequently adhere to [......]

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Agile, Agile Best Practice, Agile Methodology, Articles, DevOps, DevOps Best Practice, DevOps culture

Chapter 6 Summary : May the Best Idea Win

3 minute read

Establishing a culture of innovation is crucial to feed ideas into the “1 Feature at a Time” machine, Without innovation, we risk leaving customers susceptible to competitors and may struggle to retain talented staff who seek more progressive work environments. Listening to our customers… To truly succeed organizations must address the everyday frustrations faced by our customers. Through our consulting [......]

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Daysha partners with XebiaLabs

1 minute read

XebiaLabs, a leading provider of enterprise release and deployment automation software, have announced a partnership with Daysha DevOps, a leading Irish and UK based DevOps solutions, training and services provider. [caption id="attachment_21929" align="alignright" width="444"] Pictured above are Phil Knight of XebiaLabs and Brendan O'Reilly.[/caption] "Daysha had been speaking with Xebia Labs for some time, but in the last 6 months [......]

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DevOps Case Studies

5 minute read

  This is a bank of DevOps Case Studies to help those tasked with implementing CI or CD. This can be a reality for organisations large and small independent of sector and technology. Because Daysha is focused on larger indigenous organisations our case studies are more oriented towards financial institutions with legacy technologies. This material has been assembled over the last [......]

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