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Often referred to as the most difficult part of any journey, DevOps culture refers to new ways of working.
Companies IT departments don’t change their culture overnight. What can change is how people interact with one another and that in turn impacts culture.

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Waterfall Mindset Limitations

4 minute read

What is Waterfall Mindset? This blog is not long enough to answer the question posed. But here is a current example we are encountering. Building modern systems is difficult. New cloud and hybrid architectures are complex and need experimentation as an approach to evaluate viability. Whats needed is a fail fast mindset but Waterfall is an avoid risk and never [......]

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Fincode 2019

4 minute read

Regular readers will note that we attend this event annually and our 2017 and 2018 editions are well worth a revisit as many of the previous years presentations were from more mature organisations than the 2019 presenters. The event as the name suggest is focussed on technologists in Tier 1 and 2 Financial Services companies in Europe. This event is [......]

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Focus on Outcomes … not Inputs

3 minute read

I had a financial crisis last week. Now, before our stakeholders get worried, I should explain that it was the Bank of Mum and Dad. I was abroad when two of my grown up children contacted me to say that they each needed money for different reasons. As the CFO (their Mom!), was also abroad I was the person with [......]

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Daysha Simulates DevOps

3 minute read

To register for our free DevOps Simulation in London on the 31st March email us When I first heard ‘immersive learning experience’ I put it in the same category as ‘awesome’. Words best spoken with an American twang and overused to the point of being meaningless. However the words are millennial friendly as indeed is simulation. Today's younger workforce have grown [......]

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Waste not – Want not

3 minute read

Why is that when you go to your local supermarket, nothing seems to be where it was last week! How come, when you visit a certain Swedish company that specialises in home products, you have to go around in circles to find the product you came in to buy? Why, in other words, do you always seem to spend more [......]

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DevOps Can Be Stressful

2 minute read

Stress. It’s a killer. We all recognize that some stress is good, but too much causes significant problems. However, if we can manage that stress, then results can be exceptional, whether that means your football team handles the stress of the occasion and wins the final, or your DevOps project team delivers on-time and to budget. How does stress enter [......]

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