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Agile processes are iterative and undertaken by cross functional self organising teams who are empowered by their leaders to deliver software. Agile generally refers to software development and, when practised properly, leads to the Continuous Integration (CI) of code. Standard agile processes such as Kanban or Scrum have roles such as Product Owner and Scrummaster, and standard ceremonies including the daily standup, reviews, retrospectives and estimation sessions.

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One Feature at a Time (1FaaT™)

2 minute read

I had always promised myself I would write a business book and the lockdown created the time and headspace to do so. I have been attending conferences and meetups on the topic of Agile and DevOps for over 5 years and ideas had formed in my mind which I hadn't heard elsewhere. It was time to keep my promise. It [......]

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Remote working learnings

2 minute read

Last Friday after work a group of customers and colleagues got together for a zoom beer. This particular group had presented six months ago at an event Daysha ran in Dublin. We discussed new behaviours we would bring into business as usual – when remote working is optional. Each person was asked to prepare 2 ideas … and here are [......]

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Customer Stories at DevOps Dublin Event 27th Nov 2019

4 minute read

In general most of our speakers addressed this topic with war stories all of which illustrated that most organisations need to get out of their own way if they are to be agile. Overcoming individual and collective scepticism about what Agility and DevOps actually are were called out as initial blockers. Misalignment with supporting business functions, such as finance or [......]

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DevOps Can Be Stressful

2 minute read

Stress. It’s a killer. We all recognize that some stress is good, but too much causes significant problems. However, if we can manage that stress, then results can be exceptional, whether that means your football team handles the stress of the occasion and wins the final, or your DevOps project team delivers on-time and to budget. How does stress enter [......]

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