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DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. DevOps includes the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), from CI through to the final deployment and monitoring of the features that are successfully integrating to master and, from there, through automated test, configuration, release and deployment processes. The term DevOps was originated in 2009 by Patrick Debois as he described how agile processes could be used to build DevOps teams that were agile in nature. These teams were cross functional self organising and broke down silos between test, release and deployment and support teams.

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Chapter 7 Summary: Work Smarter

6 minute read

When an organization seeks to improve its operational performance, internal processes often act as impediments, causing delays and hindering decision-making. The transition from conceptualizing an idea to implementing smarter practices can be delayed if the appetite for change has been discouraged through in house cultures and ‘thats not how we do things around here’ mentality. Business professionals frequently adhere to [......]

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Agile, Agile Best Practice, Agile Methodology, Articles, DevOps, DevOps Best Practice, DevOps culture

Chapter 6 Summary : May the Best Idea Win

3 minute read

Establishing a culture of innovation is crucial to feed ideas into the “1 Feature at a Time” machine, Without innovation, we risk leaving customers susceptible to competitors and may struggle to retain talented staff who seek more progressive work environments. Listening to our customers… To truly succeed organizations must address the everyday frustrations faced by our customers. Through our consulting [......]

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Chapter 5 Summary : Think Customer value not Project Cost

3 minute read

Building a financial case for change and engaging Accountants is a balancing act between cost control and unlocking customer value. Accountants often focus on budget constraint and the allocation of costs between the departments benefiting from the expenditure over a specific timeframe at the expense of the holistic return from an investments in technology. While budgeting is crucial for cost [......]

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Unleashed 2023

5 minute read

Last week (December 14th 2023) I was in Amsterdam for a couple of days with Atlassian product managers and here follows some impressions; Several products that were in beta have now achieved GA and of these Jira Product Discovery appears to be the star turn. Compass and Atlas are clearer in their positioning but there is acknowledged overlap between all [......]

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Progressive Delivery

7 minute read

Next month (April 24th 2023) I will present in person at DevOpsCon London. My last DevOpsCon presentation was via Zoom, and while Zoom chat was functional — real audience engagement is just plain better. If you are in the audience, expect to be taking part in survey questions. Since that last DevOpsCon presentation, the team here at Daysha DevOps took [......]

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What if the bottleneck is lack of skilled people?

1 minute read

DevOps injects urgency into the delivery of business value through software. DevOps theory is focussed on optimising processes but what happens you have optimised the hell of out of your processes and the bottleneck is lack of people? Typical answers are; 1. Outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, nearshoring … basically using third parties to supplement or replace inhouse teams. 2. Prioritising by [......]

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Customer Stories at DevOps Dublin Event 27th Nov 2019

4 minute read

In general most of our speakers addressed this topic with war stories all of which illustrated that most organisations need to get out of their own way if they are to be agile. Overcoming individual and collective scepticism about what Agility and DevOps actually are were called out as initial blockers. Misalignment with supporting business functions, such as finance or [......]

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Waterfall Mindset Limitations

4 minute read

What is Waterfall Mindset? This blog is not long enough to answer the question posed. But here is a current example we are encountering. Building modern systems is difficult. New cloud and hybrid architectures are complex and need experimentation as an approach to evaluate viability. Whats needed is a fail fast mindset but Waterfall is an avoid risk and never [......]

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Fincode 2019

4 minute read

Regular readers will note that we attend this event annually and our 2017 and 2018 editions are well worth a revisit as many of the previous years presentations were from more mature organisations than the 2019 presenters. The event as the name suggest is focussed on technologists in Tier 1 and 2 Financial Services companies in Europe. This event is [......]

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