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The gamification of DevOps into a one day workshop to bring teams together as experiential learning.

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Gamifying the SDLC

2 minute read

Last year we delivered DevOps simulations in partnership with G2G3. We learnt a lot. I have been working in the SDLC business for 30 years, yet I learnt more about the human interactions involved in building software than any other equivalent period in my career. Gamifying the SDLC is a new concept and we are offering the opportunity to engage [......]

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Daysha Simulates DevOps

3 minute read

To register for our free DevOps Simulation in London on the 31st March email us When I first heard ‘immersive learning experience’ I put it in the same category as ‘awesome’. Words best spoken with an American twang and overused to the point of being meaningless. However the words are millennial friendly as indeed is simulation. Today's younger workforce have grown [......]

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