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DevOps Best Practice, DevOps culture, Fintech

Fincode 2019

4 minute read

Regular readers will note that we attend this event annually and our 2017 and 2018 editions are well worth a revisit as many of the previous years presentations were from more mature organisations than the 2019 presenters. The event as the name suggest is focussed on technologists in Tier 1 and 2 Financial Services companies in Europe. This event is [......]

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DevOps, DevOps Best Practice, DevOps Case study, DevOps process, Fintech

Why is DevOps Change Management difficult

3 minute read

This blog on Why DevOps Change Management is difficult is based on conferences and meetups the Daysha team attended in the first half of 2018. In previous blogs we have written about change management, and there is little doubt that new ways of working are difficult to implement. What follows are the observations of change managers attempts to deliver DevOps. [......]

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DevOps process, Fintech

DevOps and the impact on Project Management

2 minute read

This blog describes how Digital Transformation and DevOps impact traditional Project Management. This is based on conferences and meetups the Daysha team attended in the first half of 2018. Digital Transformation enables a business to change how offers are communicated to customers. DevOps can often be initiated by an engineering cadre where Digital Transformation is often marketing led. These two [......]

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DevOps culture, Fintech

Focus on Outcomes … not Inputs

3 minute read

I had a financial crisis last week. Now, before our stakeholders get worried, I should explain that it was the Bank of Mum and Dad. I was abroad when two of my grown up children contacted me to say that they each needed money for different reasons. As the CFO (their Mom!), was also abroad I was the person with [......]

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DevOps process, Fintech

Fincode and DevOps Summit

7 minute read

This blog is based on 3 days of presentation and debate at 2 events Daysha attended at the end of March 2018. Fincode which as the name suggests was primarily attended by Fintech companies including larger organisations like Morgan Stanley, Lloyds and BBVA. The other event was DevOps Summit which was a one day event and included financial and non financial attendees.  [......]

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