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Agile Mindset Manifesto

Atlassian Fastrack

At Daysha DevOps we have learned through our clients DevOps journey’s that mindset is the optimal starting point. Minds are like parachutes that work best when open.

Atlassian Fastrack

Daysha DevOps cannot change your organization’s culture but we can change how people behave towards one another and that in turn impacts values and company culture.

Atlassian Fastrack

Let’s start by defining with Daysha DevOps means by an Agile Mindset. Many of our points echo the Agile Manifesto.

Shorter planning cycles over lengthy planning meetings

Customers over internal concerns

Deliver value over managing a cost budget

Direct communications over emails and ticketing systems

Servant leaders over command and control

Generative over bureaucratic or pathological culture

Empowered teams over wrestling with silos

Product over project

Automate over manual tasks

How can I help? over not my problem

Fail fast over never risk failure

Shift left over bug discovery by customers

System and common measures over isolated metrics

Shared data across the SDLC over siloed reporting

Trust over distrust

Data driven decisioning over gut instinct

Shared purpose over departmental objectives

Continuous improvement over acceptance of status quo

Continuous Learning over not learning

How do we help

You may be interested to learn more about how we put these concepts into action through our team Coaching and Mentoring services.

These offers are aimed at people who are new to transformational change and the agile mindset.

Delivered by experienced business professionals our Mentoring is aimed at individuals who may be recently appointed; forming new teams; tasked with bringing in new ways of working or could benefit from spending time out with a Mentor who has ‘been there and done that’.

Team coaching is very often a follow on from 1:1 Mentoring. We have a range of team workshops including Simulation as well as less structured but equally effective ways to align team values, or align the business and IT.

Coaching and mentoring are delivered by individuals who have practical experience of solving the problems associated with orienting individuals and teams to new processes, team structures and ways of working.

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