Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Thanks to the very generous support of the team at Daysha DevOps RippleZoo has been able to provide critically needed medical equipment to the hospital in Batoufam which is saving peoples lives. This support is making a big difference to people just about surviving in one of the poorest and toughest parts of Cameroon.

Stephen Byrne – Founder

Daysha DevOps has engaged to support Ripplezoo over the last 18 months.

Thus far this has resulted in one major activity when in November 2018, 13 volunteers travelled to Cameroon.

€150,000 of medical equipment, beds, prescription medicine and other supplies were distributed to hospitals in Batoufam and Fumboot.

In the Batoufam hospital a major construction project was undertaken. The hospital now has running water, toilets, showers and considerably improved sanitation conditions. Less people will die and/or need to endure inhumane conditions.

90 young primary school students in Batoufam will be taught today in renovated, clean and beautifully painted classrooms. 3 more classrooms are considerably enhanced.

The 90 students were each provided with a full set of school books.


The community of Batoufam (12,000+ people) have an advanced learning computer room, complete with internet access that will provide them both education and business opportunities.

Hundreds of orphans have new clothes and many were given a small present to open on Christmas day, maybe their first ever teddy bear.

And most importantly, many hundreds if not thousands of Cameroonian people who suffer terribly and have little hope of escaping extreme poverty now know that there are people outside of their little world who love and care for them.