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Recorded 16th November 2022

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Daysha DevOps presents 'Atlassian' in Ireland

On November 16th four speakers discussed the right to left flow of the Software Development Life Cycle.

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Mike Flood

Mike Flood is an Enterprise Account Executive with specific focus on JSM and is based in London.The particular area of focus for Mike’s presentation was Major Incident Management (MIM) which has become an integral part of Jira Service Management since Atlassian’s acquisition of OpsGenie. A key part of any MIM is the ability to work through the noise of an alert storm to identify a true signal thereby reducing the Mean Time to Recover (MTTR) while ensuring that sufficient data is captured to inform subsequent Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Fabrizio Fortunato

Fabrizio Fortunato, Head of Frontend Development explored why and how code deploys and features were decoupled on Ryanair’s website and the portal. These URL’s are amongst the busiest B2C web sites in Europe managing all aspects of a customer journey, and by 2025 they plan to process 255m passengers transactions.
This presentation compared Release version 2.0 and 3.0 of Ryanair’s domains. Fabrizio looked at the productivity impact of a microservices architecture as compared with a monolith in the context of their release process. Finally he will look at the right to left integration possibilities presented by their tooling as Ryanair pursues further improvement in Continuous Delivery.

Mark Arts

Mark is a Senior Solutions Engineer with 25 years experience in System Reliability Engineering (SRE), Application Performance Monitoring and Observability. He explored why there is often an absence of any relationship between the effect of incidents and their causes. By way of case study at a leading Dutch Bank he explained how support teams tend to add more and more tools to capture root cause data. This data is subsequently siloed giving rise to countless man hours in war rooms searching for that elusive needle in a haystack. Mark explored solutions and illustrated what good looks like for Root Cause Analysis.

Jerry O Sullivan

Utmost a leading Irish SaaS provider of Vendor Management Systems formed in 2018 and is experiencing rapid growth. Jerry O’Sullivan Head of Delivery described that journey with particular emphasis on how they differentiate between bugs and features. He looked at how and when they decided to put support and customer success teams in place to meet the demands of their Enterprise customers. The journey has not always been straightforward and he reflected on learnings to date and what he anticipates for the future.

Bonus Content - Moderated Panel

This was a discussion with all speakers responding to questions from the audience.

Minute 0 to Minute 7.25 – Mark from Stackstate talked about how long it takes to implement
and how mature an organisations observability practice should be to get value from a Stackstate investment.

Minute 7.25 – 18:20 DevOps teams own code into prod but Service desk can roll back – so who owns what?

Minute 18:20 to minute 24 A conversation about Value Stream Mapping commences.

Minute 24 – END Gail Parks Daysha Agile Coach talks about blameless post mortems and how a cultural change can be achieved.

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