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Recorded December 2020

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95% of new Atlassian customers start in the Cloud today!

Cloud adoption is mainstream,” said Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner.

Atlassian have been preparing for this eventuality since the introduction of their first Cloud products in 2018 and today 95% of all new customers purchase a Cloud product.

In their 29th October Cloud First announcement Atlassian are demonstrating market leadership. Atlassian want to ensure existing Server customers have every opportunity to migrate their software delivery teams effectively to the Atlassian Cloud platform.


  • Consider a Server to Cloud Journey 
  • Identify where you are on that journey and what your next steps might be
  • Learn about possible ‘gotcha’s’ that could trip you up
  • Understand the timeframes for Atlassian’s end of life
  • Learn about new features that come in the Cloud editions
  • Understand the value of cloud


Minute 1:20 to Minute 10:00 End of Life Roadmap & Value of Cloud Brendan O Reilly
Minute 10:30 to Minute 28 Migration Planning Chris Dunne
Minute 28:10 to Minute 40 An Atlassian Customer Case Study - Karima El Moujahid


Brendan O Reilly

Brendan is the CEO at Daysha DevOps an Atlassian Gold Partner since 2015. Brendan will be your host for this short informative webinar and will outline the financial case for migrating to Cloud.

Chris Dunne

Chris Dunne is an Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator with experience of helping clients implement Atlassian server and cloud solution. Chris will outline the options for migration of your Atlassian products and identify common pitfalls.

Karima El Moujahid

Karima is a pre-sales solution engineer with Atlassian. Karima will present a case study for an Atlassian customer that has migrated.


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