FREE DevOps Simulation Workshop

According to McKinsey a whopping 85% of expenditures on digital transformation were wasted.

Put another way, only 15% achieved their desired business results.

We aim to educate and inspire you to beat the odds with our FREE WORKSHOP.

Be brave, face your fear and learn how to engage, influence and motivate for change.

Limited to 20 seats (max of 2 per Company)

London City 8 Fenchurch Pl, London EC3M 4PB Nov 25th 2021

09.00 – 16.30 GMT

Here is what you'll learn during the Workshop

  • Breakthrough understanding on why the customer must be at the heart of IT
  • Experience the milestones on a DevOps journey and their sequence through role based learning
  • Go on a Project to Product Journey as you develop and release new products
  • Experience Agile values and map them back to customer outcomes
  • ✓ Test and learn from results and retrospectives
  • Build your own collaborative processes
  • Gain awareness of the drivers for new tooling and platform (Cloud)
  • Have fun while you learn


** This is not a technical session and aimed at all roles in an organisation including business.  During the workshop you will not build and release software, use tools or manage release!  You do not need a laptop nor will you use a computer.

This is experiential learning, all you need is an open mind and lots of energy!

I became emotionally impacted just by the experience of being in that room, watching the impact on other people and my colleagues. I’ve had incredibly positive feedback from people right across the organization, there’s something in here for everybody, literally.

Patrick Eltridge, CIO - Royal Bank of Scotland

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