Developing an IT strategy for your business

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

When implementing a new computing or communications system in your business it’s imperative to develop an IT strategy before getting started. By taking the time to think about exactly what’s required of your technical elements, how you are going to put them in place and how you are going to direct and maintain your IT systems you’ll be able to save yourself from dealing with a lot of glitches and system malfunctions down the track.

An Information Technology (IT) strategy is the overall plan you put in place before starting your IT project. The strategy is usually developed by an IT project manager in consultation with the business manager or a designated team where both parties sit down to thoroughly outline the IT project’s objectives, principles and tactics. The strategies will mainly focus on deciding which technologies will be involved, how they will be implemented and by whom. The strategy should be clearly drawn up in a document that acts as a reference point and benchmark for project deliverables as the project continues.

What are the key points to developing an IT strategy?

The strategy usually contains the following sections:

  • A project summary – this outlines the project goals and a brief summary of the strategy
  • The project’s end benefits to the company – this will enable project managers to compare the goals with the end results
  • The project scope – this lays out a timescale of project deliverables and expected time frames
  • Resource summary – this outlines what IT and communications systems and resources will be used in the project, the staff that will be used to work on the project and how they will be managed, and the project’s overall budget.

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