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Assessment of DevOps Capability (ADOC) addresses key challenges in moving to DevOps.

1. Data

Without measuring your current state its not possible to measure progress towards any future state. Be data driven from the outset.

More than theory

2. Synchronicity

Where silos exist in an organisation an end-to-end system view is absent.

Without a plan that synchronises change for Culture, People, Process and Technology progress will be disjointed and slower than possible.

Default to old ways of working

3. Constraints

Leaders are challenged to understand and prioritise constraints. Frequently constraints emerge ‘in flight’. These unforeseen events can delay progress.

Management gap on training activation

How we can help

ADOC is the DevOps Institute Capability Assessment to captures your ‘current state’ data and drive your organisation’s investments in DevOps .


+The ADOC data collection process is an online questionnaire completed by your teams. This is 180 statements measured on a scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

+ The results of this questionnaire are interpreted by ADOC – an automated data analysis tool powered by the DevOps Institute’s continuously evolving body of knowledge.

+ The end product is a series of online analytics that provide actionable insights for improvement.


Our team of experts are skilled interpreters of ADOC outputs.

We work with our customers to design solutions that incorporate small incremental improvements to as-is processes, skillsets and tools. Our customers appreciation of the current context together with Daysha DevOps experience in similar situations drives out a series of initiatives that might include:

+ Just in Time Training

+ Workshops to evolve team formations

+ Progression of the ‘Definition of Done’

+ Tools and Automation workshops

+ Change management expertise

Planning activity is incorporated into short hypothesis driven discovery exercises.


Depending on the scope of your plans Daysha DevOps can support through workshops, training or process and automation expertise:

+ Agile Coach

+ Test and Release Automation

+ Workflow and Pipeline tools

+ Cloud Architecture

+ Security, Regulation and Governance Automation

+ Business case preparation to drive investment


As plans progress and change tasks are completed, well run organisations will want to revisit the question ‘What does good look like?

This is ADOC’s superpower. It holds a picture of your past to compare with your most recently completed questionnaire. ADOC can also compare different teams and parts of the organisation over time. And Daysha is there at your side to help implement the next set of improvement initiatives.

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