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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Related to an earlier blog with case studies are the following links to DevOps learning which we commonly share with customers.

This material has been assembled over the last 2 years by the team at Daysha through attendance at meet up’s in Dublin and London, conferences we have attended in Europe and the US and through interactions with our various technology partners.

Watch the video below for a description of the product owners role. Snappy and animated … it is a good introduction for someone trying to understand agile jargon.


Spotify engineering culture


Most common mistakes on DevOps implementations.

This is youtube presentation by Brendan O Reilly at Daysha DevOps which ecapsulates 9 common mistakes we see at our customer sites.

ETSY CTO Signs off after 5 years and offers some reflections

This is a survey of companies and their answers to questions ref adoption/non adoption of DevOps – cause and effect.

State of DevOps Report

This is Jezz Humble as he delivers a presentation on the 2015 survey at a conference we attended. Heavy going at the start as he talks a lot about statistics… so feel free to jump in around 20 minutes or so for the better content.

Bi-modal IT debunked

Gartner espoused two paces of IT delivery, one for customer facing and the other for systems of record and back office. Widely accepted as conventional wisdom this article debunks the concept.


Breaking Down Conway’s Law

Becky Thorn from Thoughtworks on how to break down Conway’s Law and the role of the Business Architect includes example from online loan product customer – big UK bank. Plenty of statements of the obvious.. an interesting 30 minutes of Becky’s experience on implementing DevOps.

Technical debt

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