DevOps +

DevOps practice makes permanent

Investment in DevOps training and simulation can be wasted unless put into practice quickly

DevOps+ addresses three common hurdles your organisation faces when DevOps learnings are not swiftly implemented. These are:

1. More than theory

Training course participants can be less attentive in the absence of a looming deliverable. Certification keeps people focussed BUT only to pass the exam.

More than theory

2. Default to old ways of working

Our foundational training and simulation open up the possibility of new ways of working.

Without a concrete plan to try out new ideas participants will default to how they used to work. The course is then filed under “interesting but life goes on”.

Default to old ways of working

3. Management gap on training activation

Leaders are often challenged to activate training. People managers can be disconnected from the day to day work course participants undertake and may assign participants to courses because a place was available, budget had been allocated or there was an insistent team member.

Management gap on training activation

How we can help

DevOps + is arranged in advance with course sponsors as part of your private training package. It is a post training activation that is built into private DevOps Foundation training or simulation.


+ As Daysha is customising your course content we include a Proof of Concept (POC) opportunity for participants.

+ Each POC will take at least one element of DevOps CALMS model, and one new way of working.

+ These are then applied to an existing problem within your organisation to demonstrate how DevOps can be implemented in a live scenario.


Course participants will be invited at the commencement of a DevOps Foundation or DevOps Simulation to form teams and, during delivery, they will brainstorm and attempt to solve this small problem.

By the end of their course or simulation they should be able to:

+ Define the problem to be addressed

+ Review problem cause and effect with course instructors and company sponsors

+ Outline a minimum viable solution

+ Define and schedule first steps

+ Identify further support or resources required

Putting theory into practice concentrates the mind.


The course sponsor then selects the solution(s) to be implemented.

A Daysha DevOps mentor will work with teams to flesh out deliverables, timelines, etc., and ensure the agreed learning objectives are supported through the POC.


Depending on the scale of the proposal Daysha DevOps can provide:

+ Agile Coach

+ Test and Release Automation engineer

+ Workflow and Pipeline tools specialist

+ Application Performance Monitoring skills

+ Cloud Architect

+ Security and Compliance capability

+ Access to partner trial licenses and cloud

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