DevOps Simulation

DevOps brings new ways of working

Experience a two-year Digital Transformation in one day

DevOps Simulation

How can you possibly understand DevOps until you experience it even for a day? If you are forming and storming teams while trying to make sense of DevOps, a Simulation through role play may be the answer.

A DevOps Simulation addresses four common hurdles

1. Inertia

When a company wants to do things differently it has to consider its existing culture and how entrenched the organisation’s structure, processes and tools have become.

When you hear comments such as “that will never work around here” you need creative solutions to open people’s minds before you embark on a change management process.


2. Knowledge gaps

Assembling cross-functional teams and introducing them to new ways of working is a battle of wills that will test any company.

Very often there is an absence of knowledge about what changes are required of individuals and in particular about the opportunities to grow and learn.

Knowledge gaps

3. DevOps myths

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

DevOps is only for FAANGS.

DevOps means no Ops.

DevOps can’t work if you have outsourced.

DevOps can’t include mainframes.

DevOps means fewer people to undertake more work and my team will be made redundant.

DevOps is not for the enterprise.

DevOps myths

4. Absence of Agile Mindset

Waterfall is much maligned and DevOps is no silver bullet. However a waterfall mindset does lack shared ownership for the delivery of incremental releases at pace because of the handoff between subject matter experts.

Fear of failure is justified where an organisation has a track record of punishing those who take risks. Teams are not empowered by magic or because leaders say so.

The most difficult component in any Digital Transformation journey are the people.

Read more about Daysha DevOps perceptions of what an Agile Mindset is.

How we can help

Through simulation, Daysha can help overcome intransigence and shed new light on the benefits of change.

Thanks for running the Simulation event before Christmas. I have only heard positive feedback on your innovative training approach and good team building dimensions.

Tom Hayes, CTO Permanent TSB

Watch the video to see how simulation morph’s roles.

DevOps Simulation

Simulation drives new team formations by encouraging participants from all Software Delivery LifeCycle functions to think their own way into new ways of acting.

DevOps Simulation

Concepts such as empowered team, shift left and overcoming fear of failure are brought to life with colleagues working together in new ways to win a game.


+ Daysha DevOps’ one day simulation concentrates on three rounds of game play each of which is 25-minutes in duration.

+ Each round is interspersed by chalk-and-talk reflections for attendees to seek out areas for improvement. In each round an e-board will help keep the score for in flight results and for comparison of the rounds of game play.

+ The iterative nature of these sessions is based around the behavioural psychology and experiential learning theories of David Kolb.


+ Daysha DevOps partners g2g3 and customises Simulations to each client’s unique circumstances. We do this through a detailed discovery to ensure we are clear on your current status and your near to medium term goals.

+ Read more on this topic on our blog.


+ We run free public taster events from time to time. If you would like to be included in our next events, in Dublin or London, please complete the form below. Please note, there is a maximum of two people per company.

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