Qualities Daysha Look for in Project Managers

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Daysha Consulting specialises in matching up the right Project Manager with the right project. We are always on the look out for talented and adaptable Project managers to join our team.

The range of projects we consult on and mange is broad so we need Project managers with a diverse set of skills. But there are some skills and abilities we look for in all potential project managers. Here are just a few of them.

See quickly what data is important and which is not

Typically a project manager will be inundated with data from all areas of a project. Trying to take all of it in would be fruitless. A project manager needs to be able to rapidly discern whether the information they are being given is significant or if it can be disregarded.

Know how and when to re-evaluate, reassess and reprioritise

It is likely that a project will at some point begin to flag or even come to a dead end. A project manager needs to have a keen awareness of when a project is going in the wrong direction or slipping out of its parameters.

Natural ability to lead

It is important that a project manager is able to lead, direct and delegate tasks to members of the project without having to rely on perceived positions of authority or wielding power.

Their natural dynamism should inspire others to follow their lead and become an enthusiastic, productive member of the team.

Communicate with clarity

Everyone in the project should know everything that they need to know. Information has to be shared completely, concisely and clearly. This also means having not being an information broker or using information to control the process.

Adapt to a variety of systems

Particularly in IT projects, Project Managers must not only understand the technical aspects of the project but also understand the business that project is servicing and how the project goals align with the business goals.

Organised even under pressure

Obviously organisation is a fundamental aspect of project management but chaos can erupt suddenly in the course of a project. A good Project Manager will keep their cool even under the most difficult circumstances and work diligently to get things back in order.

If you have these qualities and more and are looking to work with a leading Project Management Consultancy then visit our jobs page and see what positions we have available.