Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Not Just a Fad

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

social networkCurrent research shows that 74% of all internet users spend some of their time on social networking sites. These numbers show just how important social media has become to the general population; however, growing trends in enterprise collaboration are proving that businesses are embracing these tools as well. Recently released research from Frost and Sullivan, a leading growth partnership company, reports that there were more than 208 million enterprise social media users at the end of 2013, and these numbers are steadily increasing.

Increases in Virtual Workers Demands Collaboration Solutions

Large enterprises such as Cisco, Adobe, United Health Care and many others have diversified their workforce to include virtual workers, and this trend is on the rise for businesses worldwide. As a result of this diversification, corporations need solutions that allow collaboration among all employees – no matter where they might be located. Large companies are incorporating enterprise collaboration and social software such as Jive, Yammer, Slack and HipChat into their enterprise operations in an effort to enhance communication and collaboration among all employees.

Social Software, Workflow Capabilities, and Mobility

DeathtoStock_Wired9Social software at the enterprise level provides enhanced workflow capabilities through integration of collaboration tools. These tools, such as task management, forums, and sharing tools provide dynamic connections that are relevant to the project at hand. These connections allow team members and project managers to enhance productivity, product development, and customer service through always-on platforms that provide real time communication among team members.

Another benefit of social software is the enhanced performance allowed by mobility. Diversified workforces include workers that are located all over the world, these employees require high levels of mobility to ensure open communication. Internal communication processes are vital to project management, and the availability of mobile access to enterprise collaboration solutions ensures that team members can communicate anytime and anywhere.

Future Projections

Enterprise collaboration through social software has already proven to be a valuable tool in enhancing business practices and project management. The growing number of social media applications that are designed for enterprise level use promises to continue, especially as more organizations gain a better understanding of the benefits of these tools. Additionally, the improved functionality in relation to risk management, compliance, and security continues to provide greater peace of mind and trust in the software for enterprise use – especially in the financial and healthcare industries.

As improvements and maturation continue in enterprise social media, more companies are adapting their current project management operations to include these powerful collaboration tools. The current rate of adoption is high, and research suggests that there will be more than 530 million social platform subscribers by 2018.

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