Agile for Business Leaders | London | Nov 2019 |

November 12, 2019 9:00 am, Central Point | 45 Beech Street | London EC2Y 8AD, London

Agile for Business Leaders

Effective leadership and business engagement are fundamental to the success of any Agile project.

The Agile for Business Leaders course is designed to give those in leadership positions the knowledge and information they need to ensure they and their teams engage in the right way to enable success.

Agile for Business Leaders is designed to be highly interactive, using a combination of practical exercises, small-group work and instructor-facilitated conversations.

The course hosts are all experienced Agile practitioners who deliver real projects.  They are skilled in all project disciplines including software development, user research, business analysis, testing, project reporting, management and governance.

Course Overview:

  • What does Agile mean for you?  Headline differences from a leadership perspective
  • Why Agile?  Where did it come from?  Why does it make a difference?
  • What is Agile?
    • Are there different ways doing things?
    • Does it work for different types of projects?
  • How is it different?
    • Is it really the future or just another fad?
    • From traditional / waterfall methods
    • At the project level
    • Outside the project
  • What’s the difference between Doing Agile and Being Agile?
  • How can you demonstrate control?
  • What are some of the risks and pitfalls?
  • What does bad Agile look like

This 1-day course is designed to give a flavour of Agile and what it feels like to be part of this new way of delivering change. It gives leaders the questions to ask of Agile teams, the behaviors that leaders need to exhibit to help Agile teams, and symptoms of when ‘Agile goes bad’.


There are no pre-requisites for this course and it is suitable for people with no previous knowledge of or exposure to Agile methods.

 Delivery Method:

This course is delivered publicly (as per public schedule) or on a privately (restricted to a single customer or pre-agreed group of customers and partners) at a location and date that suits you.

As part of the deliverable, delegates will be encouraged to create an Agile Activation Plan. This is a short set of activities that will help delegates put their new knowledge and skills into real-world practice after the course.  Making active changes to ways of working is a vitally important, but often hard, part of getting full value out of any course.

A post-course evaluation session (up to 2 hours) one-to-one with an Agile consultant is included with each course and will help evaluate progress and advise on maintaining Agile momentum

This course is delivered in partnership with Agilesphere, specialist in defining agile, digital transformation and delivery strategies at all levels.

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