How do I initiate my DevOps journey?

Ensure your DevOps pilot is a success.

Prove DevOps works at your organisation. Don’t try to boil the ocean.

Recruit For Attitude Over Aptitude

Many companies assume that DevOps is about tools and automation. As such, pilots are often overloaded with technical gurus. Our advice, however, is to ensure that your team has a can-do attitude that can be combined with a sense of purpose. Coach your technical SMEs into these new ways of working and bring agility to the team.

Pick Your DevOps Pilot Wisely

Try to limit your pilot’s scope to subjects or areas of the business that are accessible and understood by everyone. Running a successful pilot means finding the right balance. If it is too hard you increase the risk the pilot stalls and doesn’t win hearts and minds. If it’s too easy, there’s a danger the pilot is not deemed credible.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Prove some core DevOps principles. For example the measurement and sharing of data across silo’s. Or fail fast. This requires careful consideration – but could be done as part of the DevOps Foundation course and highly relevant case studies before deciding which DevOps principles and agile values are in scope. Include some metrics for the before/after analysis. Cycle time can often be a good metric.

Start Small, Think Big

As you build your coalition of the willing think about how you will articulate the business case for your ongoing project to product journey, and how you will communicate your successes and learnings.