How do we introduce DevOps in our organisation?

Spread the word. A shared understanding is an important first step.

Turn the page on a project which will build relationships between colleagues. Start thinking about how to build consensus on what DevOps means. We suggest any of these five paths:

1. Create a Community of Interest

Identify inquisitive colleagues then approach the subject of DevOps by discussing books such as the Phoenix Project, the Unicorn Project or The DevOps Handbook.

2. Take a Step Onsite

The DevOps community is vibrant and willing to share lessons learned. Try to identify a company that recently adopted DevOps and learn from their experiences. Review the case studies in our blog for some suggestions. Daysha DevOps also offers a free service to find the most relevant case study for your organisation.

3. Invite a Guest Speaker

At DayshaDevOps for example we can discuss a range of topics from introductory steps to more advanced thinking. But of course it doesn’t have to be Daysha DevOps. We enjoy doing these ‘get to know’ you events pro-bono and it helps our prospective clients to understand how organisations like Daysha DevOps work.

4. Attend Events or Meetups

Learn from other people’s DevOps journeys and discover pathways to implementation.

Meeting and listening to others who have adopted DevOps is one of the best ways to fasttrack your learning. We recommend that you select an event where speakers are at different stages of their DevOps journey. You may also be able to view these on YouTube.

The DOES event in London is a good example and one that we highly recommend. This is a Daysha summary of the most recent DOES event.

TI really enjoyed your talk. From talking to people who attended they enjoyed your talk the most. I’m a DevOps engineer so I thought it was perfect, but honestly I got very positive feedback. I thought the customer stories were the best as it’s something you can relate to and gives an insider view into how other companies are doing things.

Sinead O Neill – London AUG

5.Access the DevOps Foundation.

There are numerous interpretations of DevOps, which is no surprise in a growing field. The DevOps Institute, is an independent and expert curator of the DevOps body of knowledge. We offer their DevOps training courses from Foundation to advanced levels for public and private training.