Global companies choose IT Contracting services in Ireland

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Ireland has a worldwide reputation for producing great IT talent. IT contracting services are sought by national companies and major global corporations who admire the level of training, skill and capabilities of Irish information technology professionals.

Our high caliber of graduates from reputable tech colleges leads many international communications and technology organisations to want to work with Irish IT companies. Whether employed full-time in-house or in a contractual capacity, our tech-savvy professionals have the skills, expertise and knowledge of best industry tools and practices.

According to IDA Ireland (Ireland’s Industrial Development Agency), the Information and Communications Technology sector in Ireland attracts global investment with nine of the top ten US technology companies operating here.

The IDA reports there are over 200 IDA supported ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) companies directly employing around 38,000 people. They represent 22% of total export, estimated at €35 billion. It’s believed this figure could increase as more and more companies seek to take advantage of our IT knowledge and professional services.

The ICT sector in Ireland provides national and international companies with the full suite of services including research and development, project management, software development and implementation, and technical support services in everything from computers to telecommunications software, hardware maintenance and training.

Choosing an IT contracting service in Ireland

Ireland is home to many technology consulting services and is regarded as producing some of the best IT practitioners in the world. Choosing a highly skilled professional to help with your computing or communication installation project is as easy as searching online.

Daysha Consulting offers IT professional services to companies big and small here in Ireland. Our panel of 150 project managers all have vast experience and understand the challenges businesses face with their ICT needs and can provide the right solution to meet your business needs. Some of the larger international clients we have worked with include IBM, the European Space Agency, Hewlitt Packard and Bank of Ireland.

For more information about the Daysha Consulting range of IT contracting services, including resourcing, consulting and technology project management email

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