How do IT strategy consultants improve IT processes?

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

IT strategy consultants improve a company’s IT processes by carefully examining existing systems and infrastructures and developing an actionable plan to streamline and amplify the effectiveness of IT processes.

The role of an IT consultant mainly includes:

1. Developing a detailed IT strategy
2. Improving existing project management capabilities
3. Guiding clients from the implementation of new IT systems up to complete IT set up, system integration and staff training

Daysha Consulting, a leading Irish IT project management service, provides IT strategy consultants to organisations of various sizes throughout Europe – from small businesses to medium sized enterprises right up to multi-national corporations like IBM, the European Space Agency and Bank of Ireland.

Key consulting services from Daysha include:

  • Gap Analysis – examining current IT processes compared to where the company would ideally like to be and identifying how to bridge the gap between these two points.
  • Prototyping – engaging with product end users to understand how the finished product will be used. The consultants then oversee the development of several prototypes to produce the perfect model.
  • Technical Strategy – applying innovative thinking with practical tools and services, the consultant develops an IT implementation strategy that best meets the organisation’s needs.
  • Project Jump Start – getting a project moving when it has stalled is one of the key objectives of an IT strategist who will free up resources and examine where delays are coming from to ensure the project gets back on track.
  • Audit – carefully and thoroughly testing IT systems to ensure absolutely no system flaws or bugs are in the final IT product so end-users don’t have to deal with broken or glitchy software.
  • Project recovery – bringing back to life projects that may have been put on the scrap heap because of insufficient funding, lack of project management or failed processes.
  • Legacy Systems Analysis and Documentation – Consultants perform analysis on IT software and document processes so future users and IT teams can continue to use and maintain IT systems.

Learn more about the role of IT strategy consultants or email for more advice.

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