How IT Project Management can Benefit Your Business

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

More and more Irish businesses are realising the benefits of utilising an IT project management team for their information technology projects.

As many IT tasks require a great deal of skill, experience and care – and resolving technical issues can be time consuming, frustrating and extremely costly – company decision makers are turning to consultants to handle their IT project management requirements.

An Irish IT consultant company like Daysha Consulting can provide Irish businesses with the skills, expertise and guidance that’s needed for the successful implentation of their IT project.

What is IT project management?

IT project management is a complex and critical role within today’s demanding business environment. The role requires extensive coordination of services and personnel, IT recommendations and subsequent implementation of IT processes, staff training and ongoing computer software and hardware maintenance.

IT services incude computer system support, networks, applications, phones, faxes and web pages. It also involves installation and ongoing support of computer software, data storage, protection and conversion, and the secure transmision and retrieval of information held on computer systems.

Other important aspects involved in IT project management include long-term forward planning, ongoing troubleshooting and effective communication and interaction between IT consultants, company management and company personnel.

Managing your own IT projects can be time consuming, costly and potentially disastrous for your company. Hiring an IT project management team takes the technical confusion, indecision and frustration out of running your business so you can concentrate on other important business needs.

Since 2004, Daysha Consulting has been helping Irish businesses by providing IT project management services.

Our management team have all worked in the field of IT programme and project management and understand the challenges businesses face with their technology demands. Our knowledge allows us to provide the relevant project management services to our clients who go on to achieve great things in their business, knowing their technical needs are being maintained by the experts.

IT Project Management is an essential service for today’s increasingly competitive business world.

To discover how Daysha Consulting can assist your business with your next IT project call (01) 690 8070 or email

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