IT Project Management Companies in Dublin rising to prominence

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Information Technology (IT) is undoubtedly a focal point in modern industry. With highly advanced technologies dominating the environments of most companies, organisations and educational institutions, the importance of refined information systems has become more apparent than ever before.

As IT is growing at such a fast pace in the current day workplace, even projects that are not usually defined as being involved with IT, such as projects in the services or construction industries, incorporate some aspects of this discipline. For example, while a mining company’s primary business is the extraction of minerals, their business model also relies heavily on the communication output of their website, and on the internal communications they compile.

In light of these trends, IT project management has emerged as a highly sought after service. Essentially, IT project management comprises the various tools and methodologies that aid in the planning and execution of an project. This form of project management places particular emphasis on computer technology, and specifically refers to the way in which information is handled through both hardware and software platforms.

In this regard, the project manager has an important role to play, as he is responsible for gathering, organising and directing the resources required to ensure that a project is executed with the utmost efficiency.

As is the case with any project, an IT project is implemented on a temporary basis, in order to bring about a defined final goal. Examples of IT projects could include:

  • Designing a website
  • Providing data security on a bank site or social network platform
  • Programming software for a video game or mobile application
  • Designing hardware architecture that will be used in a computer platform

Like much of the rest of the western world, IT project management companies in Dublin are on the rise. Dublin based Daysha Consulting is a prime example of this trend.

Since 2004, the company has provided a numerous services in this field, including consulting, resourcing and technology to a range of clients, including European Space agency, HP, IBM, and the Bank of Ireland. To obtain the premium services of one of the top IT project management companies in Dublin, please call +353 1 537 8476.

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