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Daysha DevOps are an authorised Atlassian Gold Partner in the UK and Irish market since 2015. We provide solution, license and training expertise across the Atlassian suite of products.
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Jira Service Management (JSM) Product News

Atlassian has been investing heavily in JSM in recent years through a combination of acquisition and in-house development. The product is now only available in a SaaS format and the major functional areas are;

ITIL support including incident, problem and change management

Asset and Configuration Management.

Major incident management and post mortem support

Analytics – currently in early release

Generic service management for non IT workflows

Our Approaches

Use ‘out of the box’ workflows to build a ‘standard’ IT service desk as quickly as possible while ensuring our client takes over the ongoing enhancements and administration of JSM.

Turnkey implementations. Directly engaging the business to implement a solution and provide ongoing support. JSM now ships with ‘out of the box’ workflows for HR, Legal and Finance.


Our JSM engagements will frequently involve Confluence as a knowledge base. We implement workflows to route support ISSUES through FAQ’s (if they exist) thereby deflecting repetitious low value work away from Agents.

JSM is commonly implemented alongside Jira Software to provide contextual traceability for SDLC software artifacts including user stories, code, test cases and release notes. These artifacts are organised by team and individual meaning Agents can readily identify the most relevant people to engage as they solve support issues.

Cloud Migrations

In more recent engagements we have helped our clients to migrate from Server and Data Center editions of JSM to the cloud. Click here to learn more about our Cloud Migration offers.

Recent Assignments

Migration from Service Now to JSM.

Migration of JSM to its cloud equivalent as part of an overall migration of all Atlassian tools.

Implementing JSM for client facing business support delivery for an online payments business.

Migration of Freshdesk to JSM.

Local Atlassian Support

Atlassian Tools are designed to empower teams to reach their potential. They do, however, require investment in administrative overhead. At Daysha DevOps we realise that the biggest challenges Atlassian JIRA customers encounter is that they often don’t have the time, the training or the resources to perform even the smallest jobs to keep systems up-to-date and optimised for their needs. These include:

Adding fields
Making changes to workflows
Tightening up security
Managing users
Product Upgrades

We offer a support package that has been designed to simplify the integration of Atlassian into your Software Development Lifecycle.

This means a local presence is required onsite or at the end of the phone to supplement Atlassian’s community.

How does Atlassian Local Support work?

Daysha DevOps’ provides hourly based support packages to cover routine tasks.

We offer this package to companies who purchase their licences through Daysha DevOps and we include a free half day consultancy each time a customer renews their licence through us.

The hourly packages are offered on a use it or lose it basis per annum. 20 hours for €3,500, 50 hours for €8.000 etc Prices are ex VAT.

Health Warning: Please note that this is not a crisis service nor can the hours be used for training. We offer expertise on a T&M basis and have a range of training offers to fit our customers needs.

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