Our IT project management team brings the ‘scrum’ to your workplace.

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

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By Chris Dunne

If you’re considering a non-traditional approach to your IT Project Management, then, for the moment,  think about the sport of Rugby, and its iconic formation called, the scrum.

Now, think how it brings the players from both sides into a moment of extreme focus where, ultimately, their strengths and skills will move the ball into the other’s favorable territory.

In today’s business world the Scrum is normally a key element for IT professionals to find innovative solutions to software development; what’s more, they use the agile method of problem solving by assigning ‘players’ to the IT project that includes the Scrum Master and Product Owners. Also, a vital part in the scrum process is the “time-boxed meetings” to clarify objectives and the overall mission.

According to the Scrum Alliance, the process is used by Fortune 500 companies and SME organizations with these common focal points coming into play:

“Rethink Project Management”

Regardless of the product or service, the process hastens the benefits of teamwork, breaking down really complicated endeavors into easily-managed segments: Scrum offers benefits for any kind of team, including improved teamwork, better communication and faster results.”

“React More Quickly”

It’s all about being flexible and not having the blinders on that stifles creative thinking.

“When…focused on the most important things, you are always doing the work that matters most.” Adapt as change occurs during the scrum process.

“Respond More Accurately.”

No surprise that good communication underlines the scrum; but collaboration is also a key element. Such “feedback,” and responding to it, helps bringing about successful outcomes.

“Reinvent Your World of Work.”

What will follow, according to the Alliance, is a change in the workplace, and the approach to problem solving, that “will truly be transformed.”  Any change is often met with “pain,” and “adjustments” will be necessary. Once everyone has signed on to the process, a “more agile” method will be in place to “change the way you do business.”

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