Outsourcing The Project Manager Role

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Many organisations have a shortage of skilled IT professionals able to take an the project manager role.

Project management is about more than an understanding of technical processes. Such a role should encompass a great deal of different skills. These include people management, strategic planning, and problem solving skills.

Choosing to outsource a specialised and experienced project manager (PM) can save costs and improve productivity in the long run. The right manager will be able to inspire from the inception of the project to its successful conclusion.

Benefits of outsourcing the role

Reduced costs
The benefits of outsourcing the project manager role include lower recruitment and retention costs. A PM can be brought in for specific projects rather than being kept on staff throughout the year. Specialised managers can be matched to specific tasks. Outsourcing this role allows for increased flexibility as a manager may only be required at specific stages of the project.

Increased productivity
The PM will be able to view projects with impartiality. He or she will also be able to monitor staff and processes and ensure that problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. They can provide training and motivation to bring the best out of your existing teams and resources.

Reduced Risk
Much of the risk associated with processes and technologies is outsourced with the role. Your business can have the backing of a reputable consultancy to offer advice and remedy any problems that arise.

The responsibility is not left to an individual within your organisation but is given to a professional with a proven track record in a similar role. High quality, well trained individuals are assessed for their suitability for a role by the IT management consultancy

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