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Customise DevOps content to suit your purposes

Why DevOps Private Training could suit your company

You’re unique

Each client’s learning objectives are different because attendees from different departments have varying degrees of DevOps awareness.

Each clients culture and context are different.

It’s important to have a shared understanding of what DevOps means for your company.

You're unique

Robust debate is healthy

All change journey’s will include Naysayers, Change Junkies and Ostriches.

Today’s antagonist is tomorrow’s advocate.

Robust debate is healthy

Introduce change carefully

Change does not happen without smart leaders.

People don’t resist change, they resist being told to change. – Peter Senge

For some, change is a threat, for others an opportunity.

Introduce change carefully

Common understanding

The definition of DevOps on a Google search is likely to yield thousands of unique results. Within your own organisation alone there are different views based on what people hear from external sources; what a vendor needs them to believe; and what peers in other organisations have told them.

Don’t let Chinese whispers slow you down.

Common understanding

Organisation wide training

Without a clear shared vision for what DevOps means for your entire organisation, there is a possibility that DevOps becomes a byword for confusion. There is no such thing as ‘standard’ DevOps. There is your organisation’s interpretation which needs to be agreed and shared with the IT function and where relevant with the business.

Rolling out customised training at pace is an important element of change.

Organisation wide training

Supplement training

There is nothing worse for a student than not being able to practice new learnings.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve is a stark reminder that only 25% of content is retained 6 days after a course if no revision has taken place.

DevOps + is our solution to post training activation.

Supplement training

How we can help


Our entry level DevOps customised content has breadth and depth. Our consulting work feeds our body of knowledge alongside our partner’s content.

Every private training engagement:

+ starts with a detailed discovery.

+ includes a written proposal with your specific learning objectives.

+ provides case studies that are most pertinent to your organization.

+ may include video and workshop style delivery for some of the case studies.

Post course delivery we:

+ survey each attendee.

+ draft a brief report on how the course delivered its learning objectives.

+ offer a 2 hour exam preparation session.

All of our private training deliveries include a review of learning objectives with course sponsors within 10 days of course delivery.


Our instructors are consultants who understand that if teams are to be normed some storming is first required.

Training rooms can be a good place to bring diverse individuals together to start the process of building empathy and trust.


If it was just a matter of changing processes and codifying them in tools, then the continuous release of prioritised value to the business would be straightforward.

Without strong change management your DevOps journey is likely to be a painful one.

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