Project Management Consultants Meeting – IT Needs of Irish Businesses

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Project management consultants are in high demand in Ireland. Highly qualified, technically savvy, adaptable and deadline driven, consultants are often the driving force behind the implementation and delivery of the projects that are shaping Irish businesses.

And Daysha Consulting provides more than 150 talented Project Management Consultants to exciting and progressive IT industries across Ireland.

Our wide ranging and talented team of project management consultants are experienced in the field of IT programme and project management, understand the challenges businesses face with their technology demands, and are well equipped to provide the best IT services for our clients.

Why clients choose Daysha project management consultants for their IT projects

Clients across a wide range of industries including computing, financial and tourism sectors, choose Daysha because:

  • Clients have access to a dedicated team of expert and experienced project management consultants
  • Risk associated with reliance on a single person or individual resource to implement IT strategies is greatly reduced
  • Recruitment process is more efficient
  • Increased confidence in achieving key project management deliverables

Why IT project management consultants choose to work for Daysha

Experienced IT professionals choose to offer their consulting services to Daysha Consulting’s clients because:

  • Dayhsa offer IT consultants secure and satisfying career-enhancing roles
  • Consultants have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best organisations in the marketplace
  • Agreed contract appointment terms provide confidence, clarity and financial security
  • Daysha’s professional guidance and support assists in career progression

Daysha attracts the best project management consultants by offering rewarding consultant roles and opportunities. Our task is to find the right consultant to fit project requirements and ensure a symbiotic relationship between client and IT consultant.

Since 2004, Daysha Consulting has been uniting Irish businesses with IT project management consultants best suited to each other with the purpose of driving IT projects forward and achieving results beyond expectations.

To find out more about developing your career as an IT project manager, or if you are an Irish business looking for information about our IT project management services call (01) 690 8070 or email today.

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