Project management consulting, an effective IT project management solution

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

The success of organisation can often be attributed to the organisation of any project or task. With an organised and structure process, it is easier to complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Today’s fast paced and demanding corporate lifestyle necessitates the need for the implementation of appropriate project management consulting solution that will provide tools to manage the flow of work, more efficiently. The advancement of information technology over the last 20 years has also resulted in the need for streamlining of business processes and the development of information technology based project management tools as methods of controlling, motivating and planning resources, to achieve specific end goals.

In order to implement an effective information technology project management solution, businesses should look towards recruiting the expertise of an information technology project management company who have knowledge in providing IT project management solutions. As a result Ireland based, Daysha Consulting is poised to provide such solutions, and the company has since 2004 perfected and implemented IT project management consulting solutions to a variety of clients across the length and breadth Ireland.

Daysha provides the following expertise:

  • A team of experience project managers
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the project implementation
  • Drive and achieve project management deliverables

Not only does the company provide a solution but it offers a team of experts who are able to supply the best advice in accordance with their customers specific needs through developing and implementing a strategy and providing guidance and advice, where needed.

The following seven methods are used in the consulting process:

  • Gap analysis to identify tasks necessary
  • Prototyping by engaging with end users to identify the best solution for the client
  • The consultants use innovative thinking and practical tools towards developing an effective technical strategy
  • The company provides effective tools to close the gap between concept development and solution.
  • Project recovery solutions to place disorganised projects back on track
  • Systems and processes are documented to ensure continuality of the solution for years to come.

To find out more about Daysha’s consulting services and to find the best IT project management solution to meet your specific needs call +353 1 537 8476

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