Project Management Jobs at Daysha Consulting

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Daysha Consulting offers a range of information technology services. We are constantly on the look out for superior project managers and IT professionals to join our dynamic team. Project management jobs at Daysha Consulting attract the best in the industry.

Why work for Daysha Consulting?

  • We offer professional development, training and support. Ongoing support and training will help you to grow professionally and expand your knowledge and skills base. You will have access to career-enhancing roles to match your increasing experience.
  • The range of IT jobs available are both flexible and varied. Regular and agreed appointment terms will give you clarity and financial security.
  • We offer jobs across a wide range of projects and clients. Our prestigious clients include the European Space Agency, the Bank of Ireland and IBM. Daysha Consulting offers IT services to a number of industries including Aerospace, the Public Sector and the financial sector.
  • We work with a team of a hundred and fifty top project managers. You will be able to work with the best organisations and individuals in the industry and form a vast network of contacts.

Careers and project management jobs

While positions are highly specialised, there is always room to grow and to expand into new areas. Careers include positions in the following areas:

  • Performance test engineering
  • Deployment engineering
  • Software development PM
  • Infrastructure PM
  • Digital content PM

What we are looking for?

While different project management jobs will require different sets of skills, we are looking for talented individuals who fulfill certain criteria.

  • Strong communication and relationship management skills
  • A Proactive and positive attitude and a can-do approach
  • Extensive hands on experience within your field
  • Organisational skills and the ability to manage complex projects to deadline
  • A commitment to excellence and innovation

For more information about truly rewarding It jobs, please email or call+353 1 6908070.

You can also submit your CV at Please note that you will need to be authorised to work in Ireland in order to apply.

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