Software project management in IT

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

If you are looking for a consultancy that provides software project management in IT, make sure you choose one that provides an innovative approach and has a wealth of  technology expertise.You need to be confident that the consultants you choose to manage your IT project are up to the job, and you want to be assured that they are highly trained, qualified and use the best IT equipment to suit the task.

The tools of the PM’s trade will be pivotal in their role of managing your IT project. So before you even begin to discuss project rates and time frames, find out what tools they use and how they can benefit your project collaboration.

Software project management IT tools

IT solutions include programs that are tailored to a specific purpose, like software platforms which include add-ons for Microsoft Project and Office applications, or completely customized ‘off the shelf’ project portfolio management systems.

Collaboration tools are also key to project success as communication is key to a successful project. IT consultants should be able to provide customized collaboration tools so project leaders, managers and product vendors can all interact, share documentation, task assignments and keep up to date effectively.

Organisational tools like Management Information Systems (MIS) are also pivotal to managing a successful IT project.

Daysha Consulting is an IT project management firm in Ireland that have the experience, technology and innovative and forward-thinking approach to IT project management that has helped hundreds of Irish companies achieve their IT goals.

Daysha understand your IT software project management needs inside and out.

Daysha Consulting are experts in IT software project management because they use the most cutting-edge technology currently available themselves. Daysha keeps up-to-date with the latest software solutions and participates in state-of-the-art EU research programmes with a special focus on future technology. By actively participating in these programmes and investing their time in staying ahead of the curve in the IT industry, Daysha can confidently advise their customers on the best possible software solutions for their IT project.

For an Irish company that specialising in software project management in IT contact Daysha Consulting on

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