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DevOps Case study

Fintech:CODE Learnings

4 minute read

Last week Daysha attended Fintech:CODE in London with our good partners Atlassian where we were in the company of some of Europe’s leading banks. This blog summarises our learnings under three categories for those with an interest in DevOps and particularly for those in  Fintech. Daysha also attended the Fincode 2018 event in partnership with XebiaLabs. Culture Adapting to a [......]

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Resourcing, Outsourcing and ROI: A CIO’s Best Practice

3 minute read

We know that cloud technologies are here to stay. CIOs need to embrace cloud as part of their long term strategy. Organizations are outsourcing more and more of the management of their IT infrastructure. I came across this quote the other day: “Scalable solutions have reduced IT costs and channelled investment in innovation and digital change.” –in CIO Leadership, Digital [......]

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