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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

This presentation from Team 2022 is here in full on YouTube and what follows are impressions of a subset of the many announcements the Atlassian Leadership team made. The presenters were Scott Farquhar(co-CEO), Anu Bharadwaj COO, Erika Troutman Mc Cadden GM/VP of Product, Work Management for All (Confluence, Trello), Jaff Redfern CPO.

These products were announced and are currently in early release.

1. Announcement of Atlas
It is a new product currently in Beta. Although aimed at customers, this tool intends to
do away with the Status Meeting that can be a productivity drain. It is currently in use at
Atlassian and is designed to help individuals to both share and follow topics of interest to
them. The product ‘sits on top’ of Jira(s), Confluence, Trello, and Access – so that people can
be connected to colleagues and one another’s goals and OKR’s.

• The product drives a reporting rhythm of weekly twitter sized updates for Projects and
monthly updates on Goals. The concept is that there is no need to attend ‘alignment’
meetings where time zones differences lead to employee exhaustion.
• One interesting feature is the ability to ‘discover’ activity assuming people have
correctly tagged their content. It’s not uncommon for work to be duplicated – and this
could be a useful productivity aid.
• The marketing message here is an extension of the older Atlassian Way messaging from a
few years ago to now include ‘Why’. This will improve alignment and break down silos.
• During the pandemic Atlassian recruited and revamped its work from home policy such
that 25% of their 8,000 staff live and work 2+ hours from the nearest Atlassian office.
Hybrid working is the future – this product was born from Atlassian’s own problem
solving and consequently will be a useful tool for those geographically distributed

2. Announcement of Compass
A dependency mapping tool aimed at organisations with distributed architectures. It helps in
discovering a long list of code centric artefacts including Microservices, API’s, Libraries

3. Announcement of Atlassian data lake
An SQL database and analytics hub. Atlassian’s recent acquisition of Chartio provides a low
code means by which to build your own custom charts if what comes as shrink wrapped by
Atlassian does not meet your needs.

4. Confluence presentation mode
An alternative for ‘cut and paste’ content into slides this feature enables standard
presentation mode, along with an interactive mode where the use case can be a collaborative
‘writing’ session without zoom to allow real time content creation.

5. Jira Works Management
It is now free with all Jira Software licenses.

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