Top 3 Tips for Improving your Technical Project Management

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

In today’s world every large organisation has to employ staff to manage often extensive and complex technical systems. Managing these systems and the technical projects to improve and develop them is an art. Luckily there are three top tips which will help push your technical project management to the next level.

Top Tip One – Know When to Wait.

When a technical crisis arises it is essential to know when to act and when to stand back. Technical project managers directing a team need to understand what the impact of putting undue pressure on to their technicians will be, and whether giving them additional time would help them to find the most suitable solution. Many a good technical team have dissolved under the pressure to come up with answers in a reduced time frame. A good technical project manager will take a step back to reflect on the capabilities of their team and the scope of the problems confronting them. Rushing in and hacking together code or using bailing wire to keep servers up and running may work initially by more likely will result in a further system failure.

Top Tip Two – Know When to Move

Like knowing when to wait, knowing when to move forward and initiate a project is also an art. A good technical project manager needs to draw on their experience and knowledge to determine when a project should go ahead. Waiting for technical team members to finalise every last detail may mean that a viable project is delayed or fails to be integrated.

Top Tip Three – Build your team

A good team is always as strong as its weakest members. A good technical project manager understands the need to develop their team and build their skills and competencies. They differ from general project managers by their technical understanding and abilities. Technical project managers understand the language that their team are working on and have an in-depth knowledge of the optimizing codes and processor architecture. Ensuring that your team shares the same knowledge and are clearly communicated with, will build their capabilities.There are many attributes required by a good technical project manager and not all can be learnt. However mastering these three top tips will improve any technical manager’s abilities to take their projects to the next level.

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