Chapter 1: What does good look like?

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

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This is a Summary of the first chapter of a book Daysha DevOps published titled 1Faat (one feature at a time). The book is an ongoing summation of our consultants' experience as they help our clients to transform digitally.

The question “What does good look like?” holds profound significance for the questionee, particularly when delving into discussions about innovative work methodologies. This inquiry is not merely a one-time consideration but a continuous exploration, reflecting a mindset geared towards perpetual learning rather than striving to be the most knowledgeable individual in a room. In this chapter, we articulate a perspective on the optimal structure for an organization, emphasizing the concept of 1 Feature at a Time (1FaaT™). While acknowledging the inherent imperfections in any organization, regardless of its efficiency, the objective is not perfection but rather the pursuit of a guiding north star—a visionary ideal. This vision serves as a form of Nirvana, recognizing that perfection may be unattainable but that having a directional beacon is paramount.

Establishing and implementing 1FaaT™ requires a seamless connection between businesses and their customers. High-performing organizations continuously experiment with customer-engaged ideas, swiftly abandoning unsuccessful concepts and amplifying investments in successful ones. 1FaaT™ organizations excel at prolific idea generation, fostering innovation from all team members through a trusted process.These teams prioritize data over opinions, ensuring that a deployed feature meets business expectations before considering it truly “done.” Successful collaboration in this environment hinges on shared values, formed from a generative culture that consistently yields more value than teams that are more bureaucratic in nature.

While Agile values serve as a foundation, delivery team members in the 1FaaT™ framework embody traits such as openness, respect, focus, commitment, and courage. Successful 1FaaT™ teams thrive because their leaders share these values and actively eliminate blockers or anything hindering rapid task completion. Operating as servant leaders, these humble individuals prioritize removing obstacles and ensuring teams are accountable for value realization. Authenticity holds more weight than authority in these teams that are marked by a wealth of common sense. Work prioritization revolves around customer value, with empowered engineers deploying code directly to production, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. With a focus on limiting work in progress, these teams can adapt swiftly to market demands, introducing disruptive features ahead of competitors.

When confronted with challenges, blameless post-mortems and root cause analyses are the norm, highlighting a commitment to data-driven decision-making and a steadfast dedication to customer feedback. Operating in an apolitical manner and embracing a culture of continuous improvement, these teams not only celebrate successes but also extract valuable insights from failures, recognizing the risks inherent in experimentation. The collaboration between senior leadership and support functions is seamless, fostering effective management and motivation of teams. Whether in a phase of growth or decline, the organization maintains a purpose-driven ethos, placing emphasis on employee growth and minimizing attrition. This forward-thinking entity is characterized by successful talent acquisition and high levels of shareholder satisfaction.

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