What to expect in Project Management jobs

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

There are few career paths in the IT industry which offer the variety and challenges found in project management jobs. IT project management roles are as diverse as their clients and offer those with a passion for planning, problem solving and delivering well-implemented IT solutions with a fascinating and rewarding career.

PM jobs can vary in scale, scope and budget and IT PMs can often find themselves working on vastly different projects from one job to the next. Projects may be small, focused and short-term, like designing and installing a new network of software programmes, or may be long-term with broad, undefined boundaries, like creating an IT solution from scratch for a new enterprise.

The role of the PM is to oversee the IT project, guiding and motivating the development team and ensuring all project goals are achieved on time and within budget.

An IT PM needs to be highly skilled in the world of Information Technology. They need to understand system applications, functions and potential flaws in order to make an informed decision when recommending an IT system. While they don’t need to be technical experts to the standard of the software design team, they do need to understand the system as a whole to understand how it will operate within the entire organisational system.

Typical tasks involved in a project management job includes: 

  • Developing project plans, goals, budgets and schedules in consultation with stakeholders and IT specialists
  • Preparing proposals and requests
  • Performing a strategic analysis of the project, foreseeing where potential problems may arise and developing back up strategies
  • Identifying which resources and personnel are required
  • Assembling and co-ordinating project team members, assigning personnel responsibilities and ensuring the team is completing each project stage on time, on budget and to requirements
  • Organising and managing each phase of the project and reporting results back to the stakeholders
  • Holding project meetings and overseeing project communications between departments and with stakeholders

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