When should you choose outsourcing solutions for your IT project?

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What is DevOps?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the continuous delivery of prioritised value to an organisation. For more click here.

Setting up a new computing or communication network system in your work place can be a difficult and time consuming job. Outsourcing IT projects is one sure-fire way to save time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress. Companies of all sizes opt for IT project managers to handle their IT set up – from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Here are just a few ways an outsourced project manager can assist your company with its IT needs…

  • The project manager can provide temporary support services if a member of your own IT department is unavailable.
  • They can provide ongoing consultation and support to guide and advise your IT department.
  • They can completely manage a start-to-finish IT project including the planning, budgeting, resourcing and deliverance of a project.

Outsourced IT solutions – from staff augmentation to on- or off-site complete PM services – give businesses access to technology expertise wherever, whenever and however they need it.

How can an outsourced PM deliver your IT solutions?

An IT project manager provides your company with comprehensive project management support and will oversee your entire  project. Outsourced solutions that an IT project manager can provide include planning and managing complex project schedules, budget forecasting, overseeing the implementation of IT systems and providing ongoing training and support for your IT department.

Daysha Consulting provide Irish business with outsourced IT project management solutions. Worldwide information technology and communications companies like IBM, Bank of Ireland and the European Space Agency rely on Daysha’s services for various outsourced projects within their Irish centres.

Some of the reasons these top industry organisations choose Daysha’s services include:

  • Our commitment to delivering projects on time, within budget and in line with the goals set out during the planning phase.
  • Our ability to efficiently and cost effectively utilise specialised IT project management resources
  • Our access to highly skilled and experienced staff while matching the best suited PM to your project needs.

To further examine the range of outsourcing solutions available at Daysha vist our services page or call +353 01 690 8070.

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